Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physical therapy and how can it help improve my condition?

Whether you are recovering from a surgery or suffering from a sports/work-related injury, physical therapy can assist you in returning to your normal level of functional activity. Our trained Physical Therapists use hands-on (manual therapy) in combination with specific therapeutic exercises and modalities (if needed) to allow proper healing of the injured tissues.  We use innovative techniques not used in many clinics, such as ASTYM and dry needling.  Any musculoskeletal restrictions or dysfunctions will be corrected with either manual therapy or specifically designed therapeutic exercises. The specific therapeutic exercises allow proper regeneration of soft tissues. It is very important to consult your physical therapist early enough to avoid chronic conditions, which are mainly the result of improper healing of injured tissues.

Do I need a prescription/referral from a physican for physical therapy?

Ohio is a direct-access state for Physical Therapy. You Do Not need a referral from a physician to receive physical therapy, although some insurance plans require a physician’s referral.  All Medicare patients must be referred by a physician.

What is your main focus of treatment?

We specialize in evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. These conditions include the following:

  • Sports injuries
  • Accident and work-related injuries
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Neck and back pain
  • Disc herniation and spinal disorders
  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder injuries/disorders
  • Pelvic and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions
  • Knee injuries/disorders
  • Foot & Ankle injuries/disorders
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tendonitis and overuse syndrome
  • Muscle imbalance and weakness
  • Postural Dysfunction and other postural-related disorders

What can I expect at my first visit?

The evaluation will include a thorough interview, medical history, and evaluation of your condition using specific tests and diagnostic assessments.  A treatment program will be planned and implemented using the information collected during the evaluation.  Treatment may include manual therapy, modalities (including ultrasound, phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, heat and ice, etc.), therapeutic and reconstruction exercises, and a home exercise program.

What can I expect?

We Take a Holistic Approach: We evaluate your condition thoroughly, including aches, pains and, most importantly, the underlying causes and pathologies. By performing continual examinations and re-evaluations of your condition, consulting with your referring physician, and simply talking with you, we will be able to better understand your particular medical needs.

Will I see the same physical therapist each visit?

Not necessarily although we try and meet your specific requests for preferred therapists when possible.

Are all your therapists licensed?

All physical therapists are licensed by the State of Ohio.

How long will my appointment be?

Most of the appointments are about 45 min to 1 hour long. Your evaluation will be about 1 hour or slightly longer, and at that point your therapist will let you know what to expect from your treatments. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your initial evaluation.

What should I wear?

It depends on the nature of your injury, however, we suggest that you dress comfortably and you are welcome to bring a change of clothing if needed to allow access to the area that needs to be treated. Shorts are great for knee, ankle, or foot conditions. Women could wear a sports bra for neck or shoulder conditions. We also provide medical gowns to allow exposure to the neck or low back (for better inspection).

What should I bring to my first visit?

You should bring your prescription from your referring doctor, your insurance card/information, a picture ID and the results of any other tests (including X-rays, MRI, etc).

Do you have “standing appointments”?

No, you will need to schedule each follow up appointment at the front desk.

What should I expect to pay?

Charges for office visits are due in full at the time of service, unless proof of medical insurance is provided.  Co-payments or deductibles required by your plan are due at the time of service.  We accept payment by cash, check, or MasterCard/Visa/Discover.  If you are unable to comply with this policy, please notify the receptionist when you schedule your appointment.  The receptionist will direct you to a Billing Department representative to discuss payment arrangements.