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Pilates is a very intense and difficult form of exercise to learn and understand. It is, however, very gentle on the body and very effective if done properly. The strength gained from each exercise is such that most common back pain and other injuries improve naturally due to the increase of core strength and correct alignment. After each session, you will feel an improvement in your Posture, Control, Coordination, Balance & Strength.

Are you ready to embark on the re-creation of your body and take charge of your health?

Pilates classes in Beavercreek have begun June 15, 2020, as well as Private and Duet sessions by appointment only and group apparatus classes.


Celeste Mackenzie, NCPT

Nationally certified pilates instructor & Director of Xcel Pilates

South African born Celeste Mackenzie studied Classical Ballet from a young age and danced professionally for 12 years in London, and South Africa and briefly in the USA. Celeste achieved Principle status and danced the lead roles in most of the Classical Ballets, Balanchine and many original pieces until her retirement in 1992.

Her Pilates Journey started soon after retirement due to the many injuries she endured throughout her professional career. Celeste studied to become a Pilates instructor and completed her Comprehensive training with Power Pilates in NYC and Chicago. Celeste established her own studio, Peak Personal Pilates in 2002 as well as at her husband’s clinic, Xcel Sports Medicine focusing on Rehab and Functional Pilates.

Read more about Celeste here.

Andrew Wingert

Andrew Wingert

Andrew Wingert is a BASI certified instructor. He did his training in the BASI dancer specialization graduate program under Karen Clippinger. He is an instructor at Studio Blue in Portland, Oregon, and has been a part of the Studio Blue faculty since 2017 at the desk. He was first introduced to Pilates as a ballet student, and used Pilates and yoga during his professional dance career as means of cross training. Over his eight year professional career he performed with the Milwaukee Ballet, the now closed The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Ballet Chicago, a guest artist with Sacramento Ballet, as well as other companies. His experience from dancing and from practicing Pilates for some many years gives him an approach to movement that utilizes his dancer background, and also focuses on the importance of a balanced class.

A healthy body should be timeless and there should be no excuse for old age-age is just a number, and it shouldn’t be an excuse to get out of shape. If you are unable to use part of your body due to injury, there is always the other 80% that can be used…Pilates apparatus is designed to allow this to happen . Movement Heals!

— Celeste

Celeste Mackenzie:
Nationally Certified
Pilates Teacher

National Pilates Certification Program

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