The Xcel Difference

The Xcel Difference

What is Different about the Xcel Manual Therapy Approach?

Our goal in the treatment of our patients is to restore them to their optimal state in the shortest time possible. We aim to improve our patients’ quality of life and, if possible, prevent a recurrence of the issues that brought them to us initially.

Our primary aim is to assist with tissue repair and alleviate discomfort, gradually adding therapeutic activities as tolerated, taking care not to over challenge the affected area and cause aggravation. Therapeutic activities are a very important part of regaining functional strength, however, we feel that attempting to strengthen a painful area is not constructive.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide the highest level of personal intervention, using innovative exercise and rehabilitative techniques in order to assist our patrons in regaining their health while exceeding their expectations.

Core Values

  • Provide highly-skilled intervention by caring professionals
  • Create honest and achievable goals for our patients, relying on results-based interventions and continual assessments
  • Maintain an emphasis on innovative therapy practices
  • Remain committed to training and educational growth for all staff
  • Focus on evidence-based practice to maximize patient outcomes, utilizing proven outcome assessments